You Can Have Less Stress and More Success in Remote Leadership! We Guarantee It.

The world is changing - and that means the complex role of a leader is changing too.

One of the biggest changes - and challenges - that many leaders and organizations are facing is leading teams remotely.

Leading remote employees is now a fact of life. Over 80% of teams and 90% of projects have at least one member not physically located with the rest of the group and that number continues to grow every day.

While the principles of effective leadership and team management haven’t changed, maintaining peak performance and keeping employees engaged when separated by miles, time zones and culture is a tall task for any manager or organization.

Remote Leaders Have Unique Challenges

Let’s be honest – leadership of others is already hard enough when they are down the hall or on the shop floor. When you add in the challenges of them being remote, it gets harder – and more stressful.

The Remote Leadership Certificate Series is designed to provide you with the practical skills to lead remote employees, virtual teams and mobilized work forces. The Series teaches techniques and methods to effectively motivate and manage virtual employees and teams with ease and success. We'll answer every question you have (and even some you don't!) including:

How do I communicate successfully?

How can I make meetings, that are already painful in person, work using technology (and avoiding the conference call from he#%)?

How do we build the relationships and trust with the team – and help them do that between each other?

How do I present ideas, change and more at a distance?

How do I coach and give feedback successfully?

How do I deal with the unknowns? After all, I can’t see what they are doing, how they are doing it and if they are ever working?

If you have ever struggled with even one of these questions, you know what we mean.

Leadership is hard ... doing it remotely is even harder.

The goods news is that with the right skills, you can harness the power of remote work and your remote team!

From performance motivation...and more, as a remote leader, you’ve got to be prepared to stay connected, handle meetings and schedules and provide the support your staff expects and needs.

This isn’t just a leadership problem (some organizations are selling remote leadership training that is really just their normal training with the word “remote” attached). And it isn’t just a technology and tools challenge (though knowing how to use the tools can facilitate your success). The Remote Leadership Certificate Series brings together experts in both of these areas to help you get the results you want.

What Does The Remote Leadership Certificate Series Cover?

The Remote Leadership Certificate Series is a small group experience delivered remotely just like you lead so that you get the experience, exposure and access to us that you need to be successful. It is 6 online sessions targeted for the skills a remote leader needs, including building a virtual team, leading virtual meetings, coaching from a distance and much more. You can expect to have direct interaction and feedback with both the instructor and other attendees – ensuring that all your questions are answered and that you make the most of your investment.

We specifically limit class size to allow for maximum interaction and learning. As one of only ten people participating in the group, you will have the opportunity to interact with your fellow participants, ask any and all of your most challenging questions and work directly with the instructor on applying what you are learning to your own unique situation.

Here's what you can expect to learn from each session:

SESSION #1: How Leaders Create and Manage Remote Teams

  • Understand and share the challenges and possibilities of remote teams
  • Assess their current teams in the areas of task completion, working relationships and communication
  • Learn what builds trust in any team, and how to accomplish that in a remote environment
  • Discover tools and techniques for creating great working relationships using your company’s technology
  • Develop an action plan for strengthening relationships and trust in your remote team

SESSION #2: Maximizing Your Productivity (for Managers)

  • General challenges of working remotely
  • Specific challenges of working with, and leading, those who work from home
  • How to create a remote (home) working environment that is built for success
  • The "4 Productivity Pivots" that can drastically improve your overall productivity and the manager’s role in achieving success
  • The danger of the "Activity Trap" and how to avoid it
  • Tips for eliminating distractions and improving your team's focus
  • How to manage your calendar so that you're working during your most productive times
  • The habits that are impacting your productivity and results
  • Action planning for future success and effectiveness

SESSION #3: Remote Goal Setting and Accountability

  • Be able to apply 7 keys to effective goal setting - beyond SMART goals
  • Identify and apply both process and results goals
  • Create goal achievement synergy with a remote team
  • Create a goal achievement plan that can be achieved remotely
  • Identify at least five ways to support remote team members in reaching their goals
  • Be able to effectively create clear accountability over the phone or other technology
  • Use a valuable accountability model
  • Use remote tracking and follow-up processes

SESSION #4: Leading Effective Virtual Meetings

  • Become familiar with the most common features of web presentation and meeting tools
  • Understand the challenges and possibilities of online meetings
  • Learn the best way to prepare both leaders and participants for an effective, collaborative meeting
  • Discover tools and techniques for increasing participation and interaction
  • Develop the facilitation skills needed to get great results from your virtual meetings

SESSION #5: Effective Remote Coaching and Feedback

  • Recognize the sources of feedback and how they impact successful delivery of feedback
  • Determine ways to gather information and data in order to provide useful feedback
  • Apply ten key feedback strategies in a remote or virtual situation
  • Be able to effectively engage people in a coaching conversation over the phone or other technology
  • Use a simple coaching model effectively
  • Use remote tracking and follow-up processes
  • Set clear performance and results expectations

SESSION #6: Wrap-up Session

The series concludes the way it begins – with you, Kevin and Wayne together to tie up the loose ends, solidify your knowledge, answer your questions and basically be your coach. You and your cohort of learners will have the chance to pick the brains of Wayne and Kevin, and they will share their latest thinking and lessons on all things related to leading remotely.

The Remote Leadership Bonus Package

Register for The Remote Leadership Certificate Series and get the following bonuses:


Writing & Managing Email

On Demand Course

In this powerful program, we’ll address these specific challenges and provides step-by-step techniques and tactics you can immediately implement to radically improve the quality of your written communications and productivity.

This course includes two, 30-minute videos, an assessment tool to help assess your current email productivity, copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable, packet of planning tools and reference material that can be used to apply lessons learned immediately back on the job.


Dealing with Virtual Conflict

On Demand Course

If you’re tired of the miscommunication that often breaks down and destroys virtual teams, this course will teach you specific tips and techniques to dissolve conflict and create collaboration among virtual teams. You’ll learn how to cultivate an environment on your virtual team where everyone is on the same page, speaks the same team language and are masters at communicating with each other. 

The course includes a 60-minute video and copies of the course visuals.

Two Options to Fit Your Learning Style:

Live Online


6 Two-Hour Online Classes

1 class/week


  • Copy of The Long-Distance Leader
  • An electronic copy of Meet Like You Mean It
  • All course visuals, materials and pre-assessment evaluations

*View upcoming session dates here.

On Demand


5 Online Modules

About 1:30 hours/module


  • Copy of The Long-Distance Leader
  • An electronic copy of Meet Like You Mean It
  • All course visuals, materials and pre-assessment evaluations


We've been building Remarkable Leaders for over 25 years!

“Wayne simplifies the complex in an engaging way. He uses stories to illustrate the principles he is sharing and takes the time to make sure everyone in the room (virtual or otherwise) has understood."

“The materials encourage an ongoing practice of confirming leadership skills and techniques which is a great investment of time and energy to produce meaningful results!"

"I have been reading the articles published by the Remote Leadership Institute since 2012. I am delighted to say that my leadership skills developed in a remarkable way over the past years and my team members work with me with a high degree of motivation. I learnt and experienced a motivated team gives a good productivity to the organization they work for."

"Resources such as these don't come easy. I have had tremendous insight from the contents."

"Kevin has the ability to teach leadership to anyone willing to focus on developing her leadership skills. His examples fit every organization and makes the participant enthusiastic about becoming a better leader."

"An investment in Kevin's material is an investment in a healthier workplace culture and participative environment."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your online courses (Virtual Instructor Led Training) differ from “webinars”?

We are very specific about the terminology we use. The term “webinar” has been around for a while, but it’s basically a mashup of the words “web” and “seminar”. These can range from town-hall meetings to marketing events with hundreds of people in attendance at the same time. That’s not what we do.

We know that real learning is a social event, and requires application of solid adult learning methodology. So all of our programs:

  • Cap attendance at a number that will maximize learning, engagement and full participation, while respecting your constraints
  • Are delivered in short (90-120 minute) modules. Studies show that people’s ability to concentrate and absorb information suffers online
  • Are delivered on the platform of your choice. Whether you use Skype for Business, WebEx, Adobe Connect, or some other tool, people will learn better when it’s on the platform they’re familiar with and are expected to use.

We also know that when people see a technology demonstrated in the context of their work and use it during learning, it increases the usage back on the job. This enhances the organization’s ROI on its technology purchases.

What presentation platform do you use to teach these classes?

Our Live Remote Leadership Certificate Courses are delivered via WebEx Event Center.

We believe that learning on the platform people use at work enhances the acceptance of technology and significantly increases application on the job. We are platform neutral, so if want to bring a course in-house, we can deliver on almost any presentation or webmeeting platform (WebEx, Skype for Business, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting or almost any other).

What are the payment options?

Credit Card: You can pay with a credit card through online registration or by calling customer service at 317-387-1424.

Invoice: The Kevin Eikenberry Group will send a bill directly to you or your company. To request an invoice, please call customer service at 317-387-1424.

Can the workshop be presented on site for my organization?

Absolutely. We conduct on-site training for many of our Customers every year. To learn how this or any of our other topics can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs, just call Wayne at 317-387-1424, ext. 21 or email [email protected].

Two Options to Fit Your Learning Style:

Live Online


6 Two-Hour Online Classes

1 class/week


*View upcoming session dates here.

On Demand


5 Online Modules

About 1:30 hours/module


  • Copy of The Long-Distance Leader
  • An electronic copy of Meet Like You Mean It
  • All course visuals, materials and pre-assessment evaluations

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